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    Organic pamper bundle, organic tea, organic bath salts, organic eye pillow
    Now: $58.00
    Was: $64.00

    This lovely Organic Pamper Gift Bundle provides many nourishing moments of rest and is a beautiful g…

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    Organic Tea Trio Gift Bundle - organic breakfast, organic grey, organic sleep tea, Organic eye pillow, Organic bath salts
    Now: $65.00
    Was: $71.00

    This lovely Organic Trio Gift Bundle provides many nourishing moments of rest and is a beautiful gif…

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    Organic tea boxes
    Now: $8.00
    Was: $16.00

    These tea boxes have a shorter than normal shelf life on them and we don't want them to go to waste,…

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    Handmade Ceramic Tumblers
    Now: $31.50
    Was: $35.00

    These handmade ceramic tumblers by Elizabeth Bell Ceramics are absolutely gorgeous and are a beautif…

  • Tiny Teas Sampler Bundle

    We know that the perfect cuppa is a personal thing so we are excited to offer our range of organic b…

  • Organic Petals Bath Soak - Peppermint Cornflower Calendula

    Leif Tea Co exists to help you create nourishing moments of rest amidst the chaos of life. Our Petal…

  • Tea Trio

    These little trios are a gorgeous little gift pack of three of our most popular teas and comes in a …

  • Organic Tummy tea, peppermint licorice fennel, jar and box
    $16.00 - $31.00

    Tummy is a beautiful peppermint blend that we hope will bring comfort and calm to tired bloated tumm…

  • Organic Loose Leaf Sleep Tea, spearmint, chamomile and rose petals
    $16.00 - $31.00

    Our Sleep tea is a calming blend of herbs that have traditionally been used to encourage healthy res…

12 of 22 Items