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Beautiful Moments

Leif Tea Co exists to bring you beautiful tea and herbal blends. We know that you care about what you put in your body, and that is why we source the highest quality organic ingredients to bring you teas that help bring you nourishing moments of rest amidst the chaos of life.

We know that tea is not just a beverage, it's a moment.

A moment to savor a blissful day.
A moment of rest amidst the chaos.
A moment with friends.
Or a moment just for you.

Whatever type of moment your tea is filling, we hope that you will enjoy our range of handcrafted teas. We want those moments to taste great, to nourish and to lift you whenever you need it. Most of all we want to encourage you to find those moments and enjoy them!


We only use natural ingredients to ensure there's nothing nasty, no chemical flavours, no fillers or additives, just the goodness of nature in every cup. The vast majority of our ingredients are certified organic but in the odd instance where we can't source certified organic to bring you the best tasting cup of tea, we always use the purest option we can find.


We want to do our part to care for our beautiful planet, so all of our packaging is earth friendly and sustainable. No single use plastics here!

All of our packaging is compostable, recylable or reusable.

We're especially proud to use plant based cellophane bags to keep your tea fresh. They offer the protection of plastic, but will compost in your home compost within a few weeks.



I hope you love our products as much as we do!

Leif Tea Co